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Home Decorating Tips for Halloween 2020


With the spooky season drawing closer by the day, every homeowner will want to start buying and displaying Halloween decorations inside and outside their homes. So within this article, we will be discussing different decorating tips to help you have the spookiest home in your neighborhood.


Tip Number 1: Choose a theme.

A good idea to add coherence to your interior and exterior Halloween decor is by choosing a theme to become inspired by. For example, you could go with an abandoned house theme which can be achieved with fake cobwebs, artificial insects, flickering lights or candles, and much more! Other themes could be a harvest, gory backdrop, murder scene, playful and kid-friendly horror.

Simply just search the theme you are going for a pick out the key elements and hit your local stores to find similar decorations.


Tip Number 2: Lanterns

Lanterns are a fun and easy decoration to come across, and they are no longer limited to just bulbs or white lanterns. You can find themed lanterns of all shapes and sizes, including pumpkins, Jack Skellington, witch hats, or insects! You could even buy plain white lanterns and get crafty with felt tips and draw anything horror themed on them.

Unique lanterns add a nice spooky touch without being excessive and are an affordable decoration to find online or in local stores.


Tip Number 3: Scary Doormats

Investing in a scary doormat for over the Halloween season is a small touch for a homeowner to make to the exterior of their homes, but can look spooky and great! You can find many different types of scary themed doormats online, from witches’ faces to fake blood designed ones. They will often not cost more than $20 and can be reused for years to come.


Tip Number 4: Artificial Spiderwebs

Artificial spider webs are affordable and easy to find in any store! Whilst they might look simple and minimalistic, they can really add a discrete spooky factor to your home if you do not want to go over the top. Also, you can get really creative with the positioning of the webs to have a more ‘realistic’ appearance.


Tip Number 5: Fake Blood

Fake blood is one of the Halloween must-haves! It can be used to dress up on the day, but a splatter of fake blood on other decorations can make them look unique and even scarier. You can splatter fake blood onto artificial spider webs, pumpkins, cut-outs, broomsticks, and the list goes on!


Tip Number 7: Bats, Spiders, Snakes, and Other Spooky Animals

As a homeowner, you will want your home to look great for Halloween regardless if you love to go all out or keep it basic. No matter what side of the spectrum you are on – animal cut-outs or decorations can look spooky and you can add originality to them.

For example, you can print out bat cutouts and stick them to your windows, buy fake snakes and wrap them around any outdoor plants, or hide some artificial spiders around your doorway. The list goes on with the number of ways you can use fake animals to decorate your home.

I hope this guide has helped you get inspired for October! Remember – be creative and embrace your crafty skills!